Ben Bartlett Running for the California State Assembly

Please join TC-CAL PAC in supporting a member of the Turkish American community Ben Bartlett in his run for the California State Assembly (15th District).


He is one of several Democratic candidates running in the California State Primary on June 5, 2018. Ben is the spouse of Turkish American lawyer Yelda Bartlett and currently serves on the Berkeley City Council.


Why is it important for Turkish Americans to support Ben?
• Ben can be the first elected official in the California State Assembly representing the Turkish American community.
• Ben’s election would strengthen the national Turkish American voice and would encourage Turkish American activists to run for elected office.


How can you help?
TC-CAL PAC has already contributed $4,400 to Ben’s campaign, the maximum allowed by California state law for the primary. Turkish Americans, however, can support Ben by contributing directly to his campaign. Even though the primary is not until June 2018, Ben needs to raise a sufficient amount in the short term so that he can get endorsements from key political figures.


To learn more about Ben as well as to make a contribution, please go to